When I get time, which probably won’t be very often, I will post what I can in these categories:

  • Administrating: As an academic administrator in the University of Mississippi’s School of Business Administration for more than 20 years, I have some unique insights into the world of Administrating that you might find amusing.
  • Teaching: Having taught several thousand college students over the last 30 years, I am always impressed with some of the things they can come up with.
  • Excel: I teach a class on using Microsoft Excel to create models for financial analysis. This category will have tips and tricks, and other hopefully useful information about putting the power of Excel (or any other spreadsheet software) to good use.
  • Golf: My feeble attempts to improve at this method of self-humiliation are documented in this category.
  • Music: My exploits on the keys and a few of my recorded songs are here, along with information about the gear and software I use to do it.
  • Misc: Whatever.

The lists on the right will help you access the blog posts. Comments are always welcome.


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