I love to play my keyboards! This is one area where technology has changed everything in amazing ways, and it gets better and better every year. Analog (that is, real) pianos are great, and some are incredible feats of artistry and craftsmanship, but the good ones are very expensive. You can easily spend $50 grand on a piano, and that could be one that’s 40 years old. You can spend more than a million dollars if you want to.

Now, those pianos are almost mystical to play so I can understand why someone who is rich enough to pay for it would. But most people, even those who are very good on the boards, might have the opportunity to play such an instrument once or twice in their lives. I know that’s true for me.

Pro Tools baby grand

But now with a computer, a cheap midi keyboard, and a software package that might cost a few hundred dollars or less, you or anyone can recreate almost the same sound as a $100,000 grand — close enough that if you listened to a CD recording of both you would not be able to tell the difference. And, the computer-generated piano can have it’s sound twaeked  to mimic sitting in different sizes and shapes of rooms, and you can change between several different kinds of pianos and even make it be an organ or any one of a few hundred other instruments. Now that’s impressive to someone who only played the real thing for more than 50 years until I discovered the digital music world about eight years ago.

If you don’t want to mess around with a computer, you can buy a great 88-key electronic keyboard with outstanding sound and realistic key action for around $500, and for a few thousand you can have an instrument that has a level of quality and a breadth of capabilities that is just astounding.

In these pages I will tell about my gear, my software, and the music I have recorded and how I did it. In the blog posts I’ll talk about some of my experiences in the digital music world and try to share useful things I have learned. You can listen to some of my music if you want or download the songs. Comments are always welcome.

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